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Does Hair Transplant Surgery Really Work?

hair transplantsIf you are one of the millions of men who suffer from male pattern baldness, you may be looking for a solution that can restore your former look. You may have tried to wide array of creams, shampoos, and other topical treatments to try and make your hair grow. Unfortunately, these products do not offer a permanent solution, which makes it difficult on your personal and social life. If you begin to look into hair transplant surgery, you may find that there are multiple variables the contribute to the effectiveness in each person.

Type of Procedure

There are two different types of procedures you may undergo during a hair transplant surgery – FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The FUT method is older, but more tested, removing a strip of skin and hair from your scalp to divide amongst the hair follicles that have stopped producing hair. The FUE method is more recent, making a small incision around each hair follicle to transplant to the balding area. Both methods can effectively transplant your hair, but the FUE method involves less scarring and pain.


The effectiveness of your hair transplant may depend on your particular ethnicities. Caucasian men will usually have no problem transferring hair to another location on the head, since hair follicles are spread out. African American men have denser hair, making it harder to effectively replenish the balding area. A specialist is usually required, if you are not Caucasian. Find out about your doctor’s experience with your specific hair type.

Preparation and Aftercare

You will receive a list of instruction you must follow both before and after the procedure, if you want to make sure the transplant is effective. Before your hair transplant, you should avoid exercise, spicy food, alcohol, and drugs. After the transplant is complete, your treatment will vary, based on your procedure. Typically, the FUE procedure takes longer to heal from, since strips of your scalp are transplanted and not just individual follicles. Make sure to follow instructions carefully for the best results.

 It Depends On Multiple Factors

The effectiveness of your hair transplant depends on multiple factors. Having the right doctors, following preparation and aftercare and instructions, and considering the type of hair you have are all things that can impact if your scalp accepts the transplant. A hair transplant is effective as a replacement for balding areas, but your attention to detail dictates the long-lasting effects.

Essential Workout Equipment For Men: A Kettlebell

If you love working out and physical fitness, you are probably always seeking out new ways to challenge yourself and your body. Once you have mastered each workout available on your gym’s machines and free weights, you may want the challenge of a new technique. A kettlebell is quickly growing in popularity as one of the most versatile and helpful pieces of equipment in your local or home gym.

Choosing the Right Kettlebell

While some novices refer to this equipment as cow bells” or “kettle balls,” the important part is choosing the right kettlebell for your needs. Men should start with a 16kg (35lb) kettlebell, allowing them to get used to the new angles at which they will be working out. If you are purchasing a kettlebell for your home gym, you will spend less money overall by selecting multiple weights. Most men who work out at home will benefit from finding kettlebells that weigh 16kg, 20kg, and 24kg. Most mainstream sporting goods stores will carry reputable brands, like Life Line, Ader, Apollo, and Dragon Door.

Learning to Use a Kettlebell Properly

Whether you work out on your own or with a trainer at the gym, it’s important to use a kettlebell properly, or you risk injuring yourself and others. Some instructors are not well-versed in the proper ways to incorporate a kettlebell into your workout. If you are unable to find an adequate instruction, look at videos online, or purchase a home workout video, to make sure you understand the proper form while lifting.

Applying Your Knowledge

A kettlebell fits easily into any workout, and the right exercises can help replace parts of your workout entirely. If you usually exercise a few times a week, take advantage of the access to a kettlebell to work your arms, abs, and legs. If you are an active athlete, add the kettlebell routine you choose to your workout twice a week, giving you the results you want.

Why Use a Kettlebell

Once you know how to properly use your new kettlebell, it can be one of the most versatile tools in your entire gym. With a rounded handle for support, you can incorporate a kettlebell into almost any routine, using the force of the moving equipment to build up your muscles and control. Though this equipment is much more difficult to use than a dumbbell, but the challenge can yield much better results in the long run.

Gender Inequality in The UK Is On The Rise

gender inequalityGender inequality has been an issue in the UK for years, but was brought to the attention of lawmakers originally in 1946. A report was published by three of the female members of the Royal Commission on Equal pay, demonstrating with facts the differences between wages paid to men versus women. In spite of bringing this information to the government 70 years ago, little to no action has been done to correct the problem, causing the issue of gender inequality to become more severe as the years go by.

Lack of Change

The biggest problem with the differences in wage between men and women is the lack of attention to the issue in the decades since the issue was brought to the attention of the public. The World Economic Forum performed a study in 2006, demonstrating the gap in pay around the world. At the time of the survey, the UK ranked the 9th least dramatic difference in pay between the genders. Since the 2006 study, the UK has fallen to the 26th least dramatic difference. While other countries are modifying their laws to help bridge the gap between the income of the two genders, the UK hasn’t changed their stance.


The WWE study also ranked country’s equality among educating the two genders. The UK’s ranking in 2006 was originally the top of the chart, but that position in recent years has gone down to the 32nd place in the world. By preventing women from attaining the same level of education as men, the UK is directly preventing women from getting the education they need to be able to get the jobs that would pay more, which effectively nullifies the argument that women are not interested in higher paying specialties.

Political Empowerment

With a lack of the education needed to pursue a career in politics, the UK is intentionally making political positions into a men’s only field. The UK used to rank 12th on the scale for political empowerment and involvement, but they have fallen down the 33rd position in the ten years since the study was performed. If women want to have any kind of voice in the political world, it is essential that they are given the education and opportunity to pursue that type of career. In the last 100 years, women have gone from making up none of the House of Parliament, to making up barely a quarter of the politicians involved. While this change is positive, change still needs to happen to reconcile the difference.

 Time to Change

If women have any hope of making a difference, the opportunities for women have to become available. With the right adjustments in education and job opportunities, gender inequality could be reconciled. If the process is not sped up, it could be another 80 years before the gap ends.