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How Many Men Suffer From ED?

EDErectile dysfunction is common among men, usually affecting every man at some point in his life. This condition is treatable with products like Viagra (sildenafil) and Sentinel. Erectile dysfunction can be difficult to discuss with your doctor, but you may be more comfortable with the discussion if you know the amount of men who are afflicted with this ailment as well.  Here is some information about erectile dysfunction from the expert doctors and pharmacists who offer a free online consultation for men in the UK.

Reported Cases

Over 30 million men worldwide come forward every year, asking their doctor to help treat erectile dysfunction. Most men who come forward would rather fix the problem, instead of being in denial about their current physical state. Erectile dysfunction can negatively impact romantic relationships, since sexual intimacy is essential to maintaining a close bond with your spouse or girlfriend. Seeking help when you notice an issue is the best way to be able to combat the problem quickly. Additionally, by reporting your issues to your doctor, he is able to determine if your inability to achieve and maintain an erection is due to a physical problem, or if the problem has to do with your diet or mental blockage.

Unreported Cases

There is no way to estimate the amount of unreported cases of erectile dysfunction, but the numbers may be staggering. Most of the time, cases of erectile dysfunction are left untreated and unreported due to embarrassment. The ability to achieve an erection is essential to a man’s self-worth, often making him feel like he is less of a man for not being able to perform sexually. Other men ignore their dysfunction in the early stages, thinking that the issue is circumstantial, and not the indication that something significant could be changing in your body.

Why Should I Speak with my Doctor?

Erectile dysfunction cannot be treated without the help of your doctor, but a prescription is not the only service they can provide. If your erectile dysfunction is gradual or sudden, you may be at risk for heart disease. Erectile dysfunction occurs when blood does not properly flow through the penis to achieve an erection. While this can sometimes be attributed to old age, it also may be a sign that your heart is not adequately pumping blood throughout your body. Let your doctor know about any other recent changes to your bodily functions, urging him to do a complete assessment.